Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Replicate Half Life 3’s Waiting Period

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If you’ve been following Square Enix closely, you must have heard about the developer’s idea to recreate Final Fantasy 7 with current technologies. This means that Final Fantasy 7 may get a complete graphic makeover to appeal to new generation gamers.

Tentatively-known as Final Fantasy XII Remake, news of the game’s development turned viral online last year and many can’t wait to play the game.

Well, this is a big problem because Final Fantasy 7’s development is not going to be a swift journey. A leak has proved this point when it saw Square Enix hiring fresh blood to be part of the developing team that will handle Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

While this is good for new game developers to meet the challenges, the idea also suggests that it will be a long while before Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets released.

Nothing is official at the moment but the delayed launching for Final Fantasy 7 Remake seems inevitable. After all, Final Fantasy XV took a very long while to get released which makes it no way for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to make a quick entry into the market.