Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Gets A Release Window!

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Square Enix might not be ready to give us an exact date for the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles remaster but they are ready to give us a release window.

As with most remasters, this too will get an updated visual, new content and voice acting. Square Enix also announced that the remaster will support local multiplayer of up to four players so you can invite your friends over to play or you can play with friends online.

In this game, we will be following four adventurers as they travel in a caravan to gather mystical fuel for crystals that are needed to protect the settlements from miasma, a force that is slowly enveloping the world. According to Square Enix, the game will be arriving this winter but no specific date was given yet.

Well, at least we know that we are only a few more month away from getting the game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will be released on PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android.