Final Fantasy IX Confirmed, Coming To Android!

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If you are a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise and can’t go a day without playing a Final Fantasy title, we have news for you. Square Enix is currently developing Final Fantasy IX all over again but instead of releasing the old title on the consoles, the game will be launched on the smartphones.

Today, Square Enix gave further confirmation that Final Fantasy IX will be released to the Android system. Like how it is with Final Fantasy Dimensions, Final Fantasy IX is expected to adopt a traditional style, turn-based gameplay so that it can operate flawlessly on a touchscreen device.

Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t detail out the game hence we are unsure if it will have controller support. While it all sounds exciting, some Android smartphone users worry that the hardwares on mobile devices might not be good enough to run Final Fantasy IX. They joked that the Snapdragon 808 is going to leave burn marks on the hands of players.

Of course, that is unlikely to happen at all. We are certain that Square Enix has studied the performance of smartphones before deciding to release a mobile version of Final Fantasy IX.