Final Fantasy: Switch’s Plans Forcing Kingdom Hearts 3 Into A Delay?

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If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan that is eagerly waiting for Kingdom Heart 3, then you are probably celebrating the fact that Final Fantasy XV has made its debut. This cannot be helped because Square Enix once said that they will give Kingdom Hearts 3 their “full attention upon releasing FFXV”.

With such a statement in mind, it feels safe to assume that Square Enix has moved on to Kingdom Hearts 3’s development. But upon hearing Square Enix’s latest announcement, our excitement for Kingdom Hearts 3 has morphed into worries.

Square Enix revealed that they are still working on Final Fantasy XV and it will be for the Nintendo Switch. The port to the hybrid console will happen next year and it will be followed by the release of a Final Fantasy game for the mobile platform.

If this is to suggest anything, Kingdom Hearts 3’s development has been pushed further behind thus making it unlikely for the game to get released next year. But of course, this is just a speculation from our end and we sure hope that we are wrong.