Final Fantasy XV: Big Surprise Is With Playable Characters?

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Later this year, Square Enix is going to release Final Fantasy XV. The game developer has revealed before that Final Fantasy XV will have a huge playing area and the sequel will be able to offer tons of gaming hours. In addition to that, Square Enix teased that Final Fantasy XV will be coming with a big surprise.

Nobody knows what the big surprise it at the moment but after witnessing a promo event for Final Fantasy XV, we have a feeling that Square Enix is going to make more characters becoming playable in the next sequel.

The event’s demonstration saw Noctis using a gun and there was a point where it looked like somebody was controlling Gladiolus by sidestepping something. Now, why would Square Enix develop new shooting features just for Noctus if it is not for us to enjoy it?

There are also multiple scenes where the characters split up to achieve different objectives and players might be granted control of every character in the process. As exciting as this sound, Square Enix is still pending to give a confirmation about it hence you should take it with a grain of salt. Even so, we would be interested to hear on what you make of the above.