Final Fantasy XV Continues To Hold Back Kingdom Hearts 3

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Anyone waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 should be aware of the fact that Square Enix won’t give the game’s development its full attention, at least until they are completely done with Final Fantasy XV.

As such, it is easy to understand why many believe that Kingdom Hearts 3’s development is already in full motion – especially since Final Fantasy XV has already made its debut. For Square Enix however, they may not be through with FFXV just yet as they still have some things to work on this year.

Back in Christmas last year, Square Enix was quoted saying that their next goal with Final Fantasy XV is to release the game on the Nintendo Switch. Also, they are working on a Final Fantasy game for the mobile platform.

This basically means that Final Fantasy XV, as a whole, is not completed yet and there is a chance that Square Enix is holding back on Kingdom Hearts 3 because of it.

Until the game developer steps up to announce otherwise, we would prefer to believe the above because we don’t want another year of disappointment. Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will truly debut in 2018?