Final Fantasy XV Hints On Extreme Kingdom Hearts 3 PC Performance

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the next big thing to come from Square Enix and you may want to consider playing the game on the PC. We say so because Square Enix was singing the PC platform a lot of raises and this suggests that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be best played on the system.

In detail, Square Enix spoke in an interview about how they find it easier to launch Final Fantasy XV on the PC than on the consoles. The game developer stressed that there are a lot of rules and restrictions they had to overcome when developing Final Fantasy XV for the consoles thus making it a lot easier to launch the title on the PC.

Furthermore, Square Enix spoke the obvious when they shared that they don’t have to worry about technicalities on the PC as they can simply throw in the highest settings and lowest settings to cater every need. The consoles require optimization – something which can be time consuming.

If this is to mean anything, Kingdom Hearts 3’s development is likely to be no different from Final Fantasy XV. This means that the game may get the best settings on the PC but we don’t expect the differences with the consoles to be marginal.