Final Fantasy XV Is Forcing A Pause Button On The Players!

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A large number of Final Fantasy fans have made it known that they have yet to play Final Fantasy XV and this is due to Square Enix delaying their start.

While Final Fantasy XV may be out for almost a year already, the game has been getting a number of patches as well as DLCs hence putting the fans on a pause. For these folks, they want the complete Final Fantasy XV experience and they can’t get that with all the updates rolling out to the game.

Even those that are currently playing Final Fantasy XV have admitted to the difficulties of staying on track in the game.

One of our readers revealed that he has been tempted to restart his adventure in Final Fantasy XV just so he can enjoy the new contents but that would make his current playthrough being wasteful. As such, the lad has decided to complete the game first and wait until every update and content gets released before he commences his second playthrough.

The entire scenario can be described as an invisible pause button being forced on the players. The players won’t unpause their decision to play Final Fantasy XV until Square Enix is truly done with updating the game.