Final Fantasy XV: PC Demo Brings Storage Anxiety!

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Game demos often comes with limited amount of content and the duration is often short, but enough to convince the player into getting the full version of the game.

But in today’s times, most game demos are being played by those that are overexcited towards the release of the full game and this can be seen with the majority that has downloaded the PC Demo for Final Fantasy XV.

The preview for Final Fantasy XV was made available for download via Steam earlier today and it turned into a hit. We hate to admit it but we are part of the group that can’t wait a second longer to hit the download button for Final Fantasy XV Demo.

It was then when we realized that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV promises to devour our storage space. While in demo form, the game eats up a whopping 20GB hence we can’t imagine how it will be like with the full version.

If we have to predict, Final Fantasy XV will probably linger between 30 and 60GB. It won’t be too surprising because Square Enix already mentioned that they never held back with the PC version of Final Fantasy XV due to the lack of hardware-software restrictions with the platform.