Final Fantasy XV Returns To Haunt Kingdom Hearts 3!

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One of the biggest games to come out in 2018 is Kingdom Hearts 3 and fans of the Disney-influenced series couldn’t be happier for it. But for some section of the crowd, they are more worried that Kingdom Hearts 3 may miss out on its 2018 expectations.

The reason here is because Square Enix is still not done with Final Fantasy XV. Last month, prior to the Christmas period, Square Enix was quoted saying that their next goal with Final Fantasy XV is to release the game on the Nintendo Switch. Also, they are working on a Final Fantasy game for the mobile platform.

Seeing that Square Enix once revealed that they will give Kingdom Hearts 3 their undivided attention once they are done with Final Fantasy XV, the latest statement suggests on more delays to Kingdom Hearts 3’s release date.

But of course, we cannot be certain about this as sources are divided when it comes to predicting Kingdom Hearts 3’s official debut date. While the majority may chant a 2018 release, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a delay pushing Kingdom Hearts 3 to 2019.