Final Fantasy XV: Sorry Ardyn, You Need A Mic!

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Final Fantasy XV is the latest instalment in the popular series and we thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. But like every other title in the market (Half Life omitted/s), there are some issues with the way Final Fantasy XV is produced and the greatest of them is with Ardyn Izunia.

The latter is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy XV and there isn’t anything wrong with the way the character is built. The mistake is actually with the audio mix in the game which makes Ardyn being difficult to listen to.

We actually discussed about this with other FFXV players and they agreed that it is an issue when playing the game. If that is not bad enough, having subtitles switched on offered no help at all as the text size are far too small.

We see this as a huge mistake from the developers because the rolling credits showed that they can input a large text size. There’s a lot of wasted space on the subtitle section that can really help in solving the poor audio mix in Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix should really do something about it.