Final Fantasy XV Won’t Revive Niche Market!

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Final Fantasy XV (Final Fantasy 15) is the latest title in the Final Fantasy Series and the game made its debut last year. By now, the majority of the players must have completed the game thus explaining the growing number of folks that desires for more Final Fantasy action.

The rumours have made it extra exciting by claiming that Square Enix is working on a micro Final Fantasy game right now and the title is aiming to make its debut early next year. To make it more exciting, the rumours suggest the game to be Final Fantasy Tactics 2.

Those that have played Final Fantasy Tactics will definitely be pleased if the rumours are true because the game offers a lightweight experience like no other. But just when we are about to start hoping, Yasumi Matsuno of the developing team made it official that the company has decided to scrap Tactics 2 entirely.

The lad didn’t provide a strong explanation for the scraping but logic tells us that it is due to the lack of popularity surrounding the original Final Fantasy Tactics game. Well, that’s a bummer.