Final Fantasy XV:PC Port Provokes Your Deepest Desires!

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Whether it is graphic touch-ups or adding explicit contents, mods remove every boundary on a video game and they are partly why many gamers are unwilling to move away from the PC system.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV has done a wonderful job on the consoles and many loved the outcome of the game. Soon, Final Fantasy XV will get released on the PC and it won’t just be a port from the console. Instead, the game is built from the ground up and it will cater the PC gamers well.

Square Enix revealed at Gamescom that they encourage modding Final Fantasy XV on the PC as this is what makes the platform special. Thanks to this confirmation, we are able to spot one or two individuals that have pledged to bare it all in Final Fantasy XV.

It is a disturbing comment which we read but so long as those individuals keep it private, we have no issues with it. So, what mod do you have in mind for Final Fantasy XV?