Forget GTA 5, Saints Row 2 Gets Xbox BC Thumbs Up!

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GTA 5 made its debut on the previous generation consoles months before the release of the Xbox One and this is viewed as a shrewd profit-driven decision from Rockstar.

For a large number of gamers on the Xbox 360 that has gotten GTA 5, they admitted to buying the game again upon upgrading to the new Xbox One. As for those that didn’t do so, they have been patiently waiting for GTA 5 to join Xbox Backwards Compatibility program although that seems unlikely to happen.

The good news here is that a GTA-like video game has now been made available on the Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility and it is Saints Row 2. The game is very similar to GTA despite having a less-realistic and whacky setup.

The confirmation on Saints Row 2 for the Xbox One was announced via Twitter and you can check it out in greater detail below.