Fortnite Battle Royale Is Finally Making It A Fair Fight For PS4 Players!

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One of the great things about video game consoles today is that they can now run games with a keyboard and mouse setup instead of being stuck on a controller. This is a great upgrade for the gamers on consoles as the keyboard-and-mouse setup will enhance the experience in FPS titles.

Such a feature has also made it possible for gamers to have a fair fight when crossplaying a particular game with, say, players on the PC. But in Sony PS4’s Fortnite Battle Royale, keyboard and mouse have turned into an abusive setup for gamers to get an upperhand in the local console lobby.

Last month saw victors on the PS4 winning Fortnite Battle Royale with a keyboard and mouse – something that created a virtual protest from other gamers that are badly affected by it.

The good news here is that Epic Games have heard the cry of the players and they have announced on an update that will solve the issue.

The upcoming update will basically prevent keyboard and mouse players on the PS4 from going against those with a controller. Anyone with the PC-like setup will go straight in the PC lobbies instead of the local ones.