Fortnite Brings Glider Back With New Update

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Epic is ready for the next update for Fortnite as the developer confirms that the 7.20 patch which will be released on the PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the other mobile platform.

One of the items that will be brought back with the update is the redeployable glider to the Battle Royale mode but the glider will be updated. Unlike the previous glider, the new glider will be itemized which means it will take up a slot in your inventory.

Epic explain that the glider is there to provide mroe mobility to the player but having it as an item will help balance things out a little.

The new update will be arriving on the 15th of January. We do not know how long the downtime will be this time but it will be starting at 2AM PT. Based on the last few updates, it should only be down for a few hours at most.