Fortnite Dev Now Wants To Take Down Steam

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Fortnite’s developer Epic is not done dominating the Battle Royale world but they are also looking to challenge Steam with their own Marketplace. According to Epic, the new Marketplace will be available for PC and Mac users soon with more platforms like Android being added in the future.

According to Fortnite, the developers will earn 88% of their revenue and that there will be no tiers to the profit-sharing. That means it is only the developer and Epic and will be splitting the revenue 88/12. Epic also added that if a developer uses the Unreal engine, they will cover the 5% engine royalty from their own 12% cut.

Players that get the game from Epic will be subscribed to the game’s newsfeed and the developer will be in charge of their own game page on the news feed. They will also be covering the first 5% of creator revenue sharing for the first 24 months to encourage developers to work with streamers and bloggers.

Steam now takes about 20 to 30 percent of the revenue based on a tiered earning structure.