Fortnite Might Allow Players To Respawn?

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There have long been talks about Fortnite possibly allowing players to respawn into the game but Epic Games has not announced anything until now.

The developer recently hosted a Reddit AMA where they answer some of the questions that fans have about the game. One of the questions that they did address is the respawning feature for the game.

While players can actually revive their teammates in the non-solo modes, you cannot actually respawn. According to the game’s producers, they have already considering it for Fortnite but are still looking into how it will impact the game if it was added to the game. He did ask fans to look out for more updates in the next Season update.

The next update, Season 8 will start on the 28th of February so we won’t have to wait for it.

Other things that they did address includes the fact that Nintendo Switch will not be getting 60FPS support.