Fortnite: Mysterious Orbs Bring Winter With It

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Player have reported that an icy sphere has starting appearing in the game above the Polar Peak. Most epople believe that the orb will have something to do with the Season 8 update and it looks like we might have some idea of what the Ice Sphere will bring to the game now.

According to the reprots, the mysterious sphere burst open on the weekend revealing the Ice King that conjured up a blizzard that rolled over the island. The storm was followed by Ice Fiends. The Ice Storm will also come with a few more challenges and new objectives which Epic will be releasing these few days.

Players that clears the objectives will get XPs. Once they finish all six, they will be a black and ice blue wrap. Players that finish all 13 of the challenes will get a special Winter’s Thorn Glider.

After the Ice sphere exploded, a few more myterious ibject were spotted on the map inlcuding the gient eggs and myterious bunker but we do not know the answers to that yet.