Fortnite Wants Players To Get Into Holiday Spirit With New Gift Feature

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Fortnite will be getting another update this week and this will update will bring a new Gift feature for the game. All platform will get the special update except for the IOS version of the game as Apple does not allow it.

According to Epic, the gift-giving feature will only last for a week but the blog post did say that this is just the initial gifting period which suggests that the feature could be brought back at a later date.

After the update, players can purchase an item in the shop and choose to buy it as a gift. You can then choose to send the gift to any of your friends on the list. You can also send the gift with a custom message. Your friend will get the gift when they log into the game the next time.

To use this feature, you will need to have a multi-factor authentication enabled on your Fortnite account. You can only send a gift to friends that have been added for more than 48 hours.