Gears Of War 5 Impresses Xbox Boss

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Gears of War 5 will actually be called Gears 5 when it arrives and it looks like things are going pretty well for the developer, The Coalition as Xbox Boss Phil Spencer seems to be pretty impressed with it.

Spencer traveled to Vancouver to visit The Coalition and came back saying that he was pretty impressed with what they had to show. He even took some sneaky picture of the team playing Gears 5.

If you look really closely, you can see the game on the screen but there is really nothing much you can pick out from that. While it is said that the game will be released this year, The Coalition also revealed that they were still recording voice lines for the game in February so we might have to wait a little longer.

Gears 5 will be the first Gears of War game that will have a female playable lead, Kait Diaz. They also explain that they will be dropping the “Of War” from the name so that it is cleaner.