Ghost Recon Wildlands: “It’s Like Developers Aren’t Even Trying”

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Despite the age of Ghost Recon Wildlands, the title still boasts a large number of gamers and this is due to the spectacular gameplay experience which it has to offer.

However, like most games today, Ghost Recon Wildlands is not free of issues and there are some things on the game which fans are not happy about.

Among them is the missing feature called Predator. This particular mode was introduced many years before and it is dubbed as an awesome feature. But the developers shared a different opinion hence leading to the removal of Predator on Wildlands.

The situation has worsened today after an update added in ‘Battle Crates’ into Ghost Recon Wildlands. With the entire gaming scene rallying against loot boxes, having Battle Crates on Wildlands will only spoil the gameplay experience.

Heck, one fan pointed out that the developers could’ve at least gives the new feature a different name. It’s like they are not even trying to hide the negativity surrounding the word ‘crate’.

Have you tried the new content update? How do you find Battle Crate so far?