Ghostbusters Game Making A Comeback

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Some poeple might not have known about it but there was once a Ghostbuster game that was released back in 2009 called Ghostbusters: The Video Game and the developer is now looking to bring the game back.

A new trailer for the game was release confirming that the developers will be releasing a remastered version of the game on PS4. According to the trailer, the remastered version will have high-resolution vidual but that is all the information that they are willing to tell us right now.

What is exciting is that the original cast might come back to voice the chracters once more. Check out the new trailer for the game below.

In this game, players will be coming in as a new member to the Ghostbuster team and work with them to try to keep the ghost, ghouls, and monsters in check.

Besides the remastered game, Ghostbusters fans can also look forward to a new movie which will be coming out in 2020 and this time, it will be set in the world of the original films.