Giga Wrecker Alt Will Finally Be Coming To Consoles

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Game Freak might be known for their Pokemon games but they are also the ones behind the PC game Goga Wreaker, a Steam platformer game. The game was initially release as a PC game but it looks like consoles players will get to play it soon.

According to Rising Sta, the game will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon and will come with the name Giga Wrecker Alt. Besides porting the game over, they will also be adding some additional content to the game and other console exclusive features.

For starters, we will be seeing 20 new puzzle stages to Alt along with a new companion character. There is also a new Iron Man mode where players can take more damage than usual.

Besides this game, Game Freak is also working on another Pokemon RPG game which will be arriving this year but we still don’t have much details about the game.