Giga Wrecker Will Not Leave Console Players Behind Anymore

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The developers of Giga Wrecker, Game Freak might have finally understood the potential of having a game on console as they announce that Giga Wrecker Alt will also be released on consoles.

Giga Wrecker Alt will be coming in as an expanded version of Giga Wrecker which was released back in 2017 as a PC game. The 2D action adventure platformer game will be released on the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch when it arrives later this year.

The upcoming expanded version will come with a few extra puzzles. It will also get a new feature that will allow players to determine how challenging they want the game to be. The new Ironman mode will make combat harder for the player.

Those that wants to cruise past the puzzle can also get the assistance of a new companion character that will have to solve the puzzles.