God of War Could Have Had More Boss Fights

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The latest God of War game is already pretty challenging as it is but according tot he developers of the game, they want it to be even more challenging as the original plan was to have more boss fights in the game.

According to Cory Barlog, the games’s director, they had planned to have more boss fights in the game but in the end, a lot of those boss fights ended up getting cut off from the game as it was too much work.

He explain that just a single boss battle took them 18 months of work and 30 developers so they had to cut back to maek sure the game does not take 10 years to be completed.

Bosses were not the only thing that was cut from the game as Barlog also revealed that he origianlly had a crazy idea for the DLC but decided to not go through with it was it was “too ambitious”.

Despite all these, God Of War was still one of the best games we got to play last year and to imagine it could have been even more. How crazy would it be?