GTA 5 Fans Can Forget About One-Player DLC

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When GTA 5 was first released, Rockstar did suggest that they will also be releasing a single player DLC for the fans but as we all know, that never happen as they keep releasing DLC for the online multiplayer mode.

While fans were happy to get more updates for the online mode, they were also upset that Rockstar would choose to ignore the single-player DLC. Since most of their players actually enjoyed the story and single-player mode more than the Online mode, we could see why they were so upset that Rockstar chooses not to release one.

Despite fans begging for a single-player DLC for the longest time, Rockstar has never indicated that they are working on one or plans to do so anytime soon. Since the game is already five years old now, it does not feel like it is going to happen at all. Maybe it is time the fans give up on it?