GTA 5 Online Won’t Derail GTA 6 Developments, Here’s Why

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Rockstar is currently bathing in a pool of money thanks to GTA 5. To be more precise, GTA 5 Online has been making it rain money for Rockstar and the figures are increasing as we speak. It was revealed earlier today that GTA Online has blessed Rockstar with $500,000,000 in profits.

That is a fat figure and something other game developers can only dream of achieving. Well, there is a bad side to this as the big earnings with GTA Online could delay GTA 6’s production. Some fans are pointing out that Rockstar is not working on GTA 6 as they are busy with making GTA 5 Online attractive all the time.

In a way, the handful of fans has got a point. With Rockstar continuously updating GTA Online, when will they start work on GTA 6? Besides, developing a GTA title takes years and this can really push GTA 6’s release further behind.

Then again, we don’t think that GTA 5 Online is really hurting GTA 6’s development. The updates offered by Rockstar can be developed and managed by a small team of developers. As for the rest of the crew, they are probably penning down the blueprint for GTA 6 as we speak.

The developing team is certainly a big one from Rockstar and GTA 5 Online can be improved more with a sequel. Rockstar would want to make it rain money all the time and they should know better that GTA 6 is crucial to achieving that. There is no way for Rockstar to stroll around when it comes to building GTA 6. What do you think?