GTA 5: Rockstar Showing No Love For Single Player Mode?

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Let’s face it. Most, if not all, of the DLCs released to GTA 5 are focussed primarily on the game’s online multiplayer mode. Rockstar has yet to introduce a DLC which will give the storyline in GTA 5 a slight extension that it needs.

Today, we learned that Rockstar won’t even release a DLC for GTA 5’s single player mode. This is evident after the voice actor for Michael, Ned Luke, revealed that he is clueless about a story based DLC and he is not even recalled for some extra voicing.

As such, this implies that the rumours suggesting a story-based DLC coming to GTA 5 are wrong. There won’t be an extension to GTA 5’s storyline at all and Rockstar will keep on updating GTA Online. Of course, we hope to be surprised by Rockstar.