GTA Online Gives Players Unexpected Heist

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The newly released Biker DLC for GTA 5 Online brought in a number of interesting new features but it does not have any new heist missions to offer. This is why we are surprised when receiving the heist-like money when playing GTA 5 Online.

Yes. It appears that you can make billions of dollars in GTA 5 Online through playing the Bikers DLC. All you have to do is complete the DLC missions and ensure that the cocaine lockup got raided. Once done, prices of cocaine will go sky high and it allowed us to sell our supplies for $12.4 million.

The thing is that we are not sure if this is just a glitch in the system or it may just be an error in figures from Rockstar. Either way, it is a legal method to make a huge amount of money in GTA Online unless you have feel that doing so is morally wrong.

If it is a glitch, then you better tap on this glorious opportunity to get rich fast before Rockstar patches it with an update.