Guilty Gear 2020 Will Make Fighting Game Fresh Again

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While there are a few top fighting games out there, there is no denying that fighting game is starting to feel a little repetitive but maybe Guilty Gear 2020 can freshen it up.

Announced during the EVO 2019, the new game is said to offer a brand new experience that conforms the core elements of fighting game. It was tweeted that the game was made to excite both new and old players and they are hoping it would not turn out like any of the past games.

In the trailer, we can see that the game uses a mix of 2.5D and 3D to give the game a more cinematic gaming experience. The trailer also showed off a new African American character that wields two katanas.

Guilty Gear 2020 is said to be arriving next year but so far no actual date has been given yet.