Half Life 3 Dismisses Gamescom 2018 Expectations

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Ever since Valve revealed that they have gone back to developing video games, the hope for Half Life 3 to get released has amplified. Part of this happening is owed to a number of rumours claiming that Half Life 3’s development is now in full motion.

With such a claim, many are expecting Valve to make the necessary announcement at Gamescom 2018. Unfortunately, however, that won’t happen and we are convinced of this after checking out the event in greater detail.

If you are to do the same, you will see that Valve’s participation at Gamescom will happen specifically in Hall 3.2. This is a restricted area for the press and the hall is normally used for corporate affairs.

With that being said, Valve won’t be taking the public stage in Gamescom 2018 and go guns-blazing with the announcement Half Life 3. We hope to be wrong though.