Half Life 3 Fans Have To Wait For A Reboot

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At this point, there is really no point in waiting for the Half-Life 3. The game is just too old and those that were invested in it have mostly given up on it but some people still believe that there is hope and they even have a reason why we are not seeing anything yet.

One fan theory right now is that Valve only started focusing back on gaming this year after getting their tech developed. They think that while Half-Life 3 is definitely on the table right now, Valve would not want to just release one.

Since most of the original fans would have been a lot older now, it is believed that Valve is working on rebooting the previous game to introduce the younger generation to the game before working on the third installment of the series.

While it does sound nice, we are not really convinced that Valve is willing to go so far for a game that they have ignored for years. What do you think?