Half Life 3 Won’t Materialize Until Series Reboot, Here’s Why

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If there is one thing which fans of Valve would love to see, it is the development of Half Life 3. Many are expecting this to happen soon after Valve announced on the return to creating games but not us.

This is due to Valve being a profit-driven company and they will only focus on projects that promises huge gains. Half Life 3 can fill that role but Valve is not convinced by it due to the lengthy time that has lapsed since the last Half Life game got released.

The best route to create Half Life 3 is through handing the series a reboot as that will revive the love for the sci-fi title while also attract new gamers into the franchise. In doing so, Valve can also tailor the Half Life series for their new tech products such as virtual reality.

This is the only way for Half Life 3 to happen if viewed from a business-driven perspective. But of course, everything about Half Life 3 is always uncertain hence you should take the above with a grain of salt.