Half Life 3 Won’t Rush Into Production, Here’s Why

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The hype for Half Life 3 has been restored by Valve after the company renewed their vows to develop games again and many are expecting the hotly-anticipated sequel to arrive in 2020.

Well, if you’re among them, we wouldn’t hope too much because the rumours linking Half Life 3 to a debut in 2020 are very weak with their claims. In our eyes, it is good to see Valve showing commitment to create games again but they won’t rush into Half Life 3’s development.

The reason here is because of money. Half Life is easily Valve’s greatest product and it has been more than a decade since the last title got released. As such, it will make better sense for Valve to reboot the franchise with a new Half Life that is tuned for their latest gaming technologies.

In doing so, the gaming world will also get a refresher on what Half Life is all about thus allowing Valve to build a much greater anticipation for Half Life 3. Taking this route will create a revenue for Valve like no other and it is why we don’t think Half Life 3 will arrive too soon.