Halo 5 Stays True To Xbox One

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Back at E3 2018, Microsoft confirmed on the development of Halo Infinite and the announcement was met with hopeful cheers from the PC crowd. This is especially after Microsoft stated that Halo Infinite will be made available on Microsoft Store.

Such a statement indicates that Halo Infinite will be made available on the PC platform, unlike how it was for Halo 5. The latter was launched 3 years ago and it is still unavailable on the PC system.

Microsoft has not explained the absence of Halo 5 on the PC and fans that wanted the game on their rig so badly has never ceased questioning the game publisher about it. Well, if you’re among them, you should give it a rest as you will never get anything from Microsoft.

The closest explanation you can find is from an anonymous employee who has revealed that Halo 5 is made to stay glued on the Xbox One with the aim at appeasing gamers seeking for an exclusive title to celebrate about.

At this rate, getting an Xbox One is the only way for you to enjoy Halo 5. There’s just no other way around it.