Halo Master Chief Collection: 73.7GB Is Not For Everyone!

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Halo Master Chief Collection has finally made its debut on the Microsoft Xbox One and it certainly looks like the ultimate Halo package for fans that can’t get enough of the franchise.

On the downside of things, there is one problem with Master Chief Collection and it is with the size of the game. Seeing that the title contains many Halo entries in a single setup, it came to no surprise that players will need about 73.7GB of storage space to obtain the game.

This is really massive and many fans have already made it known online that they don’t have enough space on their Xbox One. Well, before you give-up your Halo dreams due to the lack of storage space, you should know that you don’t have to obtain the full 73.7GB.

We have purchased a copy of Master Chief Collection and right after 4GB of downloads, we received a notification on what we actually want installed on our Xbox One. Personally, we got ourselves Halo 3 only and this decision consumes about 15GB in total.