Halo Series Nearly Got Axed?

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Halo is one of the bigger franchise around so it is hard to imagine that Microsoft might have axed it after they split off with Bungie. According to Bonnie Ross, veteran developer for Microsoft, Microsoft was unsure about Halo after they broke off with Bungie.

According to here, when she pitched the ideas for Halo, the reaction was not positive. The idea at that time was to make it into a four-game series and be done with it. Microsoft also had the idea of getting other studios to come in and work on some other Halo game that does not feature Master Chief.

Luckily, they decided not to go down that route and the future of Halo is looking pretty positive for now. What do you think of Microsoft considering dropping Halo?

Ross was recently inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame making her the first women in the AIAS Hall of Fame.