Halo: The Master Chief Collection Was A Mistake?

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Saying that the fans of the Halo franchise were not too happy about Halo: The Master Chief Collection was an understatement and it looks like even Halo boos Bonnie Ross knows that.

Spekaing to VentureBeat, Ross said that they are aware of hte mistake that 343 Industries made along the way and that it has been a humbling experience for them. She did not specify the mistake but most people assume that she is talking about the Master Chief Collection.

She added that the team view the Halo universe as the fans universe and is always thikning about doing it right for the fans. They have shown their commitment with all the new content that they have been adding to the Master Chief Collection.

Let’s hope they would have something better to offer when they relase the Halo Infinite for the Xbox One and PC. There will also be a Halo TV Show so fans have that to look forward to.