Halo Wars 2 Strips PC Away From KBM Advantage

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Ask any gamer and the majority will say that Keyboard & Mouse is the best setup for shooter video games. The quick reflexes of the mouse can never be matched by the automated aiming system on a console’s controller.

We raise this point because the advantage that comes with KBM has allowed PC players to enjoy wins in cross-play video games. Well, this will look to end in Halo Wars 2 as the game’s crossplay services will try to pool KBM players with KBM players.

The new update is a follow-up to a patch for the Xbox One which basically allows keyboards and mouse to function on the console. The offering will certainly level the playing field of console gamers against PC gamers thus putting an end to KBM bullies.

As for when the update will arrive, we will update here when we have received more word on the matter. Stay tuned.