Hearthstone Designer Turning To Fans For Answers

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There was a time when Hearthstone was the only card game that players wanted to play. With all the updates, the developer has managed to keep the game interesting for quite some time but they might be losing their touch now as it was reported that Monthly active users of the game have been declining for a while now.

Wanting to know why their fans are not returning to the game, Lead balance designer August Dean Ayala asked their fans why Hearthstone is no longer the main game for many. Well, it did not take long for the fans to respond and here are some of the comments that they had.

Some players blame the repetitive combos while others asked for them to offer more games modes and more ways to play the cards. Looking through the comments, it looks like the most comment reason why people got tired of the game was stagnation.

Now that Blizzard has gotten the answer they want, it is up to them to start turning things around.