Hitman 2 Ghost Mode Brings Player-Kill-Player Potential!

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About a week ago, IO Interactive dropped a massive detail on Hitman 2 and it is about a new game mode that will feature in the game. The mode is called Ghost and it is one that carries a multiplayer setup.

To keep it brief, players will go against each other in a lobby to take out a target swiftly and stealthily. The players will be able to see each other in the map but any actions made by a single person won’t have an effect on the rest of the players.

As example, if you go in guns blazing and cause the NPCs to evacuate the area, it won’t happen on your competitor’s screen.

It’s an interesting concept which has made us more excited for the future as there is now a potential for players to kill one another. One fine day, IO will update Ghost mode that will allow players to take out each other in the race to kill a difficult target.

Such an offering will definitely create a mental challenge in Hitman 2 and the victor will have the full rights to become a true ‘Hitman’.