Horizon Zero Dawn 2: How Close Are We?

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Guerrilla Games surprise us all with the new Horizon Zero Dawn game and with its success, fans are expecting to see a sequel for it in the near future.

Well, the developer has just made it clearer now that a sequel is definitely on the table right now. According to the developer, they are looking to shift their headquarters and once that is done, they will be looking to hire more developers.

The next step will be to develop more titles. All of these would not have been possible if Horizon Zero Dawn did not end up being as successful as it was. Guerrilla Games also teased that they will be looking forward to developing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 when the expansion is done.

That alone is more than enough to convince us that a sequel is being planned. Although we do not know the release date of the upcoming sequel yet, it is believed that we could be seeing it in 2020.