Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Is 2020 Possible

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As of now, there has not been any indication by Guerilla Games that they are planning to release a new Horizon Zero Dawn 2 game by 2020. In fact, we don’t even know if they have started working on the game or not.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a nice surprise for us all. While most of us did not expect much from it in the beginning, it ended up being one the game to play. While Guerilla Games did confirm that they would be interested in making a sequel for the game, we do not think we will be seeing it in 2020.

According to Guerilla Games, they are now looking to move their headquarters. After that, they will be looking to expand by hiring more developers. Only after that is settled will they start working on more titles and since games take a few years to complete, we don’t think Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will actually make it by 2020.