Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Will We Stick With Aloy

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We were pretty impress with the story that Guerilla Games has given the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist. The story was very engaging and well thought out but then again, it does feel like Aloy’s story is almost complete which leave some fans wondering if Aloy would still be the protagonist for the next Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

If Guerilla Games does choose to go with another protagonist, it would be interesitng to see if they can actually come out with another compelling character for the game. If they do keep Aloy, we are also curious as to how they can stretch out this character.

As for the sequel, while we do not know when we will be getting it, Guerilla Games did say that they are interested in making one. However, they also added that they will only be thinking about that after they are down settling down as they are in the midst of moving and hiring more developers to work for them.