Indivisible Gets New Trailer With New Launch Date

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It might feel like Indivisible has been around for a few years but the game that we had was actually a demo version of the game but the developer is finally ready to release the full version of the game.

The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There will also be a Nintendo Switch version but we do not know when that will be arriving. The developer has now released a new trailer for the game that ended with the release date for the game.

The game is now available for pre-order now. If you pre-order on Steam, you will the Follow me, Roti bonus which will get you a pet tapir called Roti that will follow you around. You will also be getting a skin based on popular games like Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress 2. The game will be available on the 8th of October. Check out the new trailer below.