Infamous Was Suppose To Have “Motorcycle Parkour”?

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Infamous, the PS3 game has been around for 10 years now and the developer, Sucker Punch is looking to celebrate that by giving their fans a peek at what is going on behind the scene.

Some new information about the game was revealed on their Twitter page and one of the thing that they mentioned was the motorcycle parkour which was supposed to be included in the game. Of course, this was before the game was even unveiled.

One other feature that almost made it to the game was the option for players to change into civilian clothing in a phone booth. That would have been nice but sadly, it did not make it. You can check out all of the bonus details that they reveal on their official Twitter page.

Of course, even without those, the game was still pretty successful and was quickly followed up by Infamous 2, Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light.

Right now, the developer is working on the new Ghost of Tsushima but we do not know when that will be arriving.