Kingdom Hearts 3: 2018 Hopes Shaken By New Final Fantasy Plans!

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Square Enix once said that they will give Kingdom Hearts 3 their undivided attention once they are done with Final Fantasy XV’s launching. Well, Final Fantasy XV is already here and it is probably safe to assume that Kingdom Hearts 3’s development is now in motion.

Based on this assumption, the earliest possible release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 would be somewhere in 2018 and this explains why the Kingdom Hearts fans are excited for next year.

Unfortunately, those excitements have evolved into fear as new reports are claiming that Square Enix is not done with Final Fantasy just yet. The word is Square Enix wants to launch Final Fantasy XV on the Nintendo Switch next year and this will be followed by the release of a new mobile Final Fantasy video game.

To keep things short, Square Enix is still stuck with Final Fantasy-related developments which go on to suggest that Kingdom Hearts 3’s development has been delayed to a later date.

The only hope left is for the reports to be untrue or for the aforementioned developments to not disrupt Kingdom Hearts 3’s production progress. We’ll keep you updated once we have received more word on it.

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