Kingdom Hearts 3: More PC Love On The Cards?

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The PC platform is dubbed as a timeless gaming machine as users can always upgrade the parts on their PCs for the best gaming experience. But despite the flexibility of the PC, many AAA titles tend to delay their release on the platform for reasons unknown.

This is something Square Enix can’t understand when they revealed in a recent interview that the PC platform is actually the easiest to cater to. In light Final Fantasy XV’s debut, Square Enix mentioned that games are developed with a PC hence it is not an excuse to delay a release on that platform.

Furthermore, Square Enix pointed out they faced a number of challenges with the restrictions on the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One. Such restrictions are not present on the PC which makes the development process a lot easier.

Final Fantasy XV came out on the PC at the same time with the Xbox One and PS4. If the above is to mean anything, Kingdom Hearts 3 will not get delayed on the PC and it may also offer the best experience as well as technicalities on the platform.