Kingdom Hearts 3 Offer More Hearts On The PC Than Sony PS4, Xbox One!

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One of the good things about playing games on the PC is that you will get the ability to tweak the technicalities of a particular game to get the best experience out of it.

Square Enix happens to agree with this and it explains why they were loud to praise the PC platform for making Final Fantasy XV’s launching easier for them to execute.

The game developer explained that the consoles have some strict rulings and restrictions hence it is more troubling to build Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 than it is on the PC.

With Final Fantasy XV already out and Square Enix making such comments at random, it is safe to assume that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be better made for the PC than it is on the Xbox One and PS4.

Kingdom hearts 3 is the next big thing to come from Square Enix and the game is believed to be in development since the release of Final Fantasy XV.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to make its official debut late next year and we personally can’t wait to compare the PC version of the game with the ones on the consoles.